1,300 new homes just off Amsterdam’s east border in a rural setting alongside the IJmeer

    Where the landscape is part of urban life, with a rich history, in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam, situated alongside the fortified town of Muiden, amidst rugged nature.

    There you will find this new build residential area with its own unique identity. 

    Let us help you to find your dream home!

    We look forward to welcome you at our Information Centre on site. There we can inform you about the properties up for sale at that moment and what will come available in the near future. Whilst our website currently shows the detailed information only in Dutch, it is even more important for internationals to visit us personally.
    For you to get a feel about our project we have an 18 m2 scale model available, and we gladly show you around on site. As the first houses are already built you can get a good impression of the set up and progress of this residential area.

    But first, let us tell you a bit about the history of De Krijgsman Muiden which provides the setting for its future …

    History of De Krijgsman and Muiden

    After the barge canal from Amsterdam to Naarden was completed, a gun powder factory moved from Amsterdam to a remote piece of land nearby small-town Muiden in 1702, where three centuries later the factory site of De Krijgsman was closed. A period in which not only the factory itself but also its surroundings changed: Muiden became part of the military defence of Amsterdam and Utrecht, and now has its unique place in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

    The landscape and urban plan

    The map gives an overview of the basis for the redevelopment of the area, situated west of the historic centre of Muiden. It shows the old production lines and walking trails, the original watercourses and its location relative to the IJmeer, Muiden and the surrounding landscape.

    The project area covers approximately 70 hectares in total and is divided in several sub-areas, each with its own atmosphere and relation to its location within the project area; urban fortification, industrial, waterfront and rural.

    Landscape in and around De Krijgsman Muiden

    Within the project area approximately 185,000 m2 ‘old landscape’ is preserved, consisting of watercourses, trails, tree lanes, reedlands and former – so called – ‘production wood’. But in the surroundings of the area there is even more to discover. North of the IJmeerdijk and its nature boulevard lies the IJmeer lake. East lies the mouth of the river Vecht at the foot of Muiden Castle (‘Muiderslot’) within the old ramparts of Muiden. South lies the ecological connection zone between the Naardermeer and the IJmeer. Alongside the area lies the barge canal which is connected to De Krijgsman waters via a small lock, and this barge canal is connected to the river Vecht. Last but not least, the reedlands are located west of the area, and behind this is the ecological buffer zone between Muiden and Amsterdam.


    Have we sparked an interest to find out more about this unique project? Contact us to make an appointment to experience De Krijgsman Muiden, by contacting Mulyani Dambrink. She heads the international information desk and can be reached via:
    Telephone: +31(0)615 264613
    Email: internationaldesk@dekrijgsmanmuiden.nl